Welcome to the Steiner Academy Exeter - Our vision is to provide diversity and educational choice to the people of Exeter within our all-through Steiner school, educating children from age 4 to 16. In the 2017-18 academic year, we have classes from Reception to year 11. The school will add new classes at Reception (52 pupils) and Year 7 (26 pupils) until we reach full capacity of 624 pupils in twelve year groups of 52 pupils in 2021.

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Early Years

Reception and Year 1

Combined mixed-age kindergartens, each around 17 to 18 children


Middle School

Year 2 to 9 (age 6 to 14)

In common with many school systems around the world, our children begin formal school in their seventh year


Upper School

Year 10 to 11 (age 14 to 16)

The full Steiner curriculum and...

  • 6 core GCSEs
  • Science and Arts GCSE


Parent View

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