Advent Spiral

Celebrating the start of Advent

29th November 2016

We celebrated the start of Advent by walking the Advent Spiral on Sunday for Kindergarten families and in school on Monday for the older students. The word advent derives from Latin, meaning arrival. Advent signifies endings and beginnings and is a time of preparation; the mood is one of peace and calm, but also of joyful anticipation - particularly for the children - Christmas is coming! Advent begins on the Sunday closest to November 30th and ends four Sundays later, celebrating the coming of winter's darkness and the beauty of light within it.

The spiral represents natural renewal, mystery and life, and appears symbolically in ancient and modern cultures throughout the world. The advent spiral is built from evergreen leaves to symbolise vibrant life even in the coldness of winter.

The teachers will built a spiral of evergreen boughs on the floor of the paneled room for the children to walk. In the centre of the spiral there was a lit candle. One at a time, each child carried an apple with a small unlit beeswax candle placed inside it; slowly walking along the spiral path and lighting their candle from the centre light. On their return journey each child placed their apple and candle where they choose along the spiral path. Soft music was be played. By the end of the celebration the spiral and the room was beautifully lit, a reminder that even in the dark days of winter we can bring light into the world to help us on our journey.

The children weren't given this explanation. Their teacher walked the spiral first and without speaking they imitated. As a parent this is such a special festival. To spend the time with your child and their class in peace and stillness is a privilege. You know the world is still turning or rather rushing outside but you really appreciate the moment!

Thank you to the teachers for making it happen. Katie Young, Communications lead and Parent in class 3 and 4.