Spring is coming

Spring is a busy time for all our budding gardeners

6th March 2017

Spring is a busy time for all our budding gardeners. A 200m2 strip of lovely well manured South facing soil has been prepared ready for class 3 to sow organic milling wheat and wild flowers very soon so that they can scythe harvest it and make bread next September. Class 4 have individual growing areas which they have enthusiastically filled with veg, fruit and herbaceous plants of their own choosing and have built a living willow dome with a circular door strapped with phormium leaves.

Class 5 have created a woodland stack of mushroom spore impregnated logs ready to harvest after Easter as part of their fungi, lichen and ferns Botany module and have been placing nesting boxes made in woodwork by last yearÂ’s class 7 up in their favourite trees. Class 6 are involved in planting more willow cuttings for coppicing and charcoal and in river stone path cobbling. Class 7 and parents have completed and planted a base ready for our weather station to be supplied by Richard Brazier very soon, many thanks.

We are very grateful for the gardening work (and trailers of manure) supplied by parent volunteers on Wednesday mornings, any parents who would like to offer help please contact me.
Pete Craigie, Gardening Teacher