School Meals

Our school dinners are prepared on site by our catering team, Lou, Fee and Sarah, and are served in our main hall.

Book and pay for your childs meals

School meals cost £2.35 and are booked and paid for every half term in advance.

You can only book and pay for school meals on Parent Pay.

Click here for help with Parent Pay

Universal Infant Free School Meals

All children aged 4-7 are entitled to free school meals (Kindergartens and Class 1). Let reception know if your child requires vegan or gluten free choices.

Free School Meals (other than KS1)

If you think you may be entitled to free school meals on the basis of your family circumstances, please collect a form from reception.

Current Menu*

*Please be aware our menu changes every half term

Week 1
4 Jun
18 Jun
2 Jul
16 Jul
Week 2
11 Jun
25 Jun
9 Jul
Main Desert Main Desert
Mon Pistou (french pesto) and mushroom Pasta with rocket and tomato salad Homemade Cake Ratatouille Pasta with salads Homemade Cake
Tue Cheesy wedge with potato's and seasonal greens Fruit salad and cream Arborio rice stuffed peppers with new pots Fruit salad
Wed Spanish style tortilla with salads Fruit fool Spanish style tortilla with salads Fruit fool
Thu Organic beef chili with a corn salsa Fruit Handmade organic beef burgers in a bun with potatoes Fruit
Fri Pizza and salads Biscuit Vegetable burritos with wedges and salad Biscuit

As well as the above menu, daily there will be a choice of:

  • Jacket potatoes and salads
  • A salad bar including carrot, pepper, cucumber, green salad, beanie salad, coleslaw (vegan), hummous, roasted seeds and olive oil based dressings.
  • Fruit instead of pudding

School food policy

Mission Statement

We will work to improve the health of the whole school community by equipping pupils, staff and their families with ways to establish healthy eating habits that benefit both themselves and the local / wider environment.

We will provide high quality food alongside food education. We will continue to support our local food network by using local and regional farms as much as possible. We will build upon our relationships with our senior managers and governors, building a positive school food culture.

Click here for the food policy (.pdf)

Packed Lunch guidelines

To tie in with our food policy we have compiled some new guidelines on packed lunches.

We are trying to build a healthy school food culture. We want our children to appreciation and understand how important what w e ingest is for our health and our learning. We want to install a sense of how important the ways in which our food is grown a nd how this impacts us and our environment.

Click here for the packed lunch guidelines (.pdf)

About our food

Here in Exeter we have an abundance of local and organic producers and we utilise as much local and organic produce as possible within the meals.

All milk, yoghurt and cream is organic from Bruton in Somerset. All meat is from West Town Farm, Ide and is organic and pasture fed. We use organic short grain brown rice and the pasta is brown and organic when available.

Our vegetables and fruit come from Riverford and Shillingford Organics along with Milfords a local wholesaler. All ingredients are GM free and we do not use soya products (except for tofu).

Please let reception know about allergies, gluten free and vegan requirements.

Any questions please email

Links to our suppliers

Bruton Dairy

Shillingford Organics

West Town Farm

Riverford Farm

F. Milford and Sons

Essential Trading Cooperative

MJ Baker Food Service