Early Years Introductory Course

by Joy de Berker

We are pleased to be able to offer parents and early year providers the opportunity to attend a series of six sessions introducing the theory and practice of Steiner early years education and its important contribution to childhood today.

This course is led by Joy de Berker who is a Mother, Grandmother, Steiner Kindergarten teacher and lecturer.

The sessions take place over three two day sessions, firstly in the afternoon from 1.30 - 5pm and the following day from 10 - 1.30 pm. Each session covers a special main topic.

Course Main Topics

  1. Child development – What is it to be a child and how can our approach be one of enlightened understanding
  2. Rhythm, Repetition and Reverence – Why are these qualities of primary importance for the young child.
  3. Play – What do today’s children really need for their imaginations to grow healthily and why does digitalisation pose such a threat.
  4. Discipline – A compassionate approach to meeting and setting boundaries for a harmonious family life.
  5. Mealtimes – Growing, preparing, cooking and & making meals with a young family.
  6. Festivals and Celebrations – How can the cycle of the year and birthdays become enlivened and bring a deeper significance to family life.

Dates are as follows:

Session 1 - Tuesday 24 October 2017
Session 2 - Wednesday 25 October 2017

Session 3 - Tuesday 13 February 2018
Session 4 - Wednesday 14 February 2018

Session 5 - Tuesday 29 May 2018
Session 6 - Wednesday 30 May 2018

Session Format

  • Welcome, Adult songs, Verse
  • Seasonal Songs, Ring time, Finger Rhymes and Poetry
  • Seasonal stories, Puppetry
  • Main Topic and Discussion
  • Break for refreshment
  • Seasonal arts and crafts

Price and Booking

£150 for all 6 sessions. Including refreshments. Cost can be paid in instalments. We are able to offer financial support if you receive (or would receive) free school meals for your child.

For further details download course leaflet here (.pdf)

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Useful Links

Joy's website: http://www.joydeberkerchildhood.com/