Hosting a student

[ Language School for Overseas Students ]

Last year in partnership with Active English Learning the school organised our first pilot language school. This two week program ran for the last two weeks of the summer term for Italian students. It was a great success with very positive feedback from students attending and the families that hosted them.

It also raised £5000 for the school.

This year are hoping to build upon last year's success and expand the course to an additional two weeks in the summer holidays and increase attendance both in terms of numbers and nationalities making it an international language school.

We hope to raise £10,000 for the school.

Our longer term aspirations are to develop the courses further to incorporate more students, over more weeks and to run family courses during the school holidays.

If you would like to earn some extra money whilst raising funds for the school then think if you could host a student or two. If you are interested please click on the links below:

Contact Active English Learning :-

Accomodation form (.pdf)

Guidelines for hosting families (.pdf)