Kindergarten lunches are having an inclusive impact

Cooperative, Imaginative, Social play, Motivated and Happy children

17th January 2019

Janni Nicol the Early Childhood Executive Officer for the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship has finished her second short visit to Exeter Steiner Academy Kindergartens and during the feedback she said:

"I am amazed how many constructive changes have already been made since my last visit in November. Some of the suggestions that I made have been carried out along with many new initiatives and improvements that Tamsin the KG Lead has implemented. I visited all the KG classes for only a short time but during the visits I saw some cooperative, imaginative, social play, motivated and happy children, evidence that learning is taking place and good engagement from teachers who have made changes in a very positive and constructive way. In the main, it was much calmer with a cooperative atmosphere due in some part to the new behaviour care plans that have been put in place and the impact of recent training. It appears that the needs of the children are being met in a much more inclusive way. The new lunch rhythm is already settling down in a very short time with children and teachers beginning to know what to expect. I was amazed at how much the children ate! It would be wonderful if some fundraising could take place for more equipment including some games and puzzles, as well as cameras to enable the staff to evidence some of the amazing work that children are doing during the day to share with parents. It is early days but if this improvement continues in the way it has begun I believe the Kindergarten is on the way to a much better Ofsted outcome."