Honouring Visionaries

An upper school positive award system.

25th January 2019

At Steiner Academy Exeter, our vision is "to offer an education of discovery with the universal human values of integrity, honesty, courage, dignity, trust, resilience and love."

Demonstrations of any, and all, of these values shows a person that has a clear vision of who they are, who they want to be and how they can contribute to the future and vision of the school. This awards system is designed to celebrate and honour those students that demonstrate a wider vision of themselves and their school community.

Students are honoured for their vision and values in 3 ways:

  1. Instant Recognition of Values (RV): In the moment recognition for demonstrating one or more of the values. They will receive 1 RV token (blue)
  2. Subject Commendation: Every half term subject teachers will nominate students to receive a commendation for outstanding progress or consistent demonstration of values (not based on achievement). Students will receive a certificate and 2 RV tokens (gold)
  3. School Commendation: At the end of each term, each phase will nominate students who they feel have shown true vision throughout the term. Students will be honoured in assembly with the Principle and receive a certificate and 3 RV tokens (gold)

Each RV token received by students is then used as a 'vote' towards 1 of 3 possible Community Vision Projects that have been decided by the members of the Student Council and School Management. Once a pre-agreed threshold is reached, or at a certain point in the year, the school community is awarded one of these 3 projects. These could be a piece of equipment or an activity.

This new positive system of awards launched in Upper School on Monday, with Middle and Lower School to shortly follow. Keep an eye out in the newsletter for celebrations of our Visionaries and announcement of the chosen Community Vision Projects!