Trip to Royal Marines

Class 9 & 10 spent the day with the Royal Marines

4th April 2019

Volunteers from Class 9 and 10 had a visit to the Royal Marines. The day was packed with new experiences and values that can be useful in later life. On arrival we were met at the train station by two friendly young Royal Marines that escorted us to the presentation suit. The day started with an introduction from the Officer in charge explaining that the day was going to be informative and fun, allowing them to experience the Royal Marines way of life. This was followed by a presentation about the Royal Marines of which their values played an integral part:

  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Unselfishness and
  • Cheerfulness in the face of adversity

The Royal Marines take these values very seriously and apply them to their everyday life both in and out of work. After the presentation we went outside for some small team building activities. The pupils were keen and were thoroughly engaged as they traversed a cable 2 ft off the ground and strategically negotiated going through a web, well done for working together and catching Joe as he launched himself through a gap. From here we had a small break and were offered a hot drink before having a small tour of the gymnasium stopping for a short period to watch a magnificent display of a recruit troop climbing 30 ft ropes in unison. Whilst we was watching this the Royal Marines set up a display of some of the kit and equipment they use. We all had a chance to get hands on and experience the weight of equipment that they are expected to carry. Then we stopped for lunch with a fantastic view across the estuary looking towards Powderham Castle. After lunch the pupils were issued combats and changed ready for the assault course. This was the highlight of the day and once again they all enthusiastically participated with lots of smiles even those who ended up wetter than others. The Royal Marines enjoyed the day and were very impressed in everyone’s attitude as they all displayed all the values mentioned above. Some even faced and overcome fears to complete the course. At the end they all jumped Steve and threw him in a tank of water, a good day was had by all.