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Available Courses

West of England Steiner Teacher Training (WESTT)


This part-time course is designed for those wishing to become Steiner Waldorf teachers, and for mainstream teachers who want to deepen and enliven their existing practice.

Whilst providing an opportunity to explore the Steiner Waldorf educational philosophy in depth, the course is structured to be accessible to full-time teachers, as well as people with family and work commitments.

The London Waldorf Seminar


Offers a two year, part-time Steiner Waldorf teacher training course, at Rudolf Steiner House, near Baker Street station, in central London NW1

Edinburgh Steiner School in house training


The course aims to build a sound foundation in Steiner/Waldorf teacher education through a combination of direct teaching, guided study, artistic practice and independent work. The lively and varied programme has wide appeal and is suitable for a range of individuals and interest areas.

The heart of teaching at Michael Hall


A pioneering In-House Teacher Training Programme offering student teachers the opportunity of undergoing a substantial part of their Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training at the very heart of the school, in the classroom with teachers and their pupils.

Steiner Education (Teacher) Diploma at South Devon


The Steiner Education Diploma has been set up provide opportunities for teacher training and development in the South West. We aim to offer a full program that is equivalent to a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Initial Teacher Training. We are open to all applicants who wish to become teachers or enrich their understanding and experience of Steiner / Waldorf Education.

USA online training


The online Sophia Institute Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate Program concerns itself with the basic and underlying principles of Waldorf Education, curriculum suggestions and practice, and Waldorf teaching methods. In addition related subjects such as Waldorf administration, artistic courses, internships, and research projects are included in the program.

Funding Steiner Training

The Godparents Anthroposophical Training Fund


The GATF is a registered charity offering interest free loans for tuition fees to students undertaking designated Anthroposophical vocational training courses in the UK.

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