Our Curriculum

Our school aims to be accessible to all, regardless of background, income, ability, faith, gender or any other consideration, and to attract pupils from across the Exeter urban area.

The school offers a particularly broad and balanced curriculum in which all subjects - including intellectual, physical, and practical skills - are taught across the entire age range in ways appropriate to the children’s age.

The school is a free, non-denominational school for the city of Exeter and strives to balance the creative, the active and the academic.

Our mission is to develop children to their fullest potential as motivated, confident, self-reliant and responsible individuals with a life-long love of learning and a strong sense of the contribution they can make to society.

Key objectives of the Steiner Academy Exeter

  • To create a socially, culturally and emotionally nurturing learning environment that brings out the unique abilities in every child;
  • To enable every child to achieve excellence in a wide range of intellectual, emotional, physical, practical and creative skills;
  • To provide a high level of individual care and commitment to each pupil, through teachers who know their pupils well, maintain links with their families and provide differentiated support to ensure that each child is appropriately nurtured and thrives;
  • To provide an extended learning environment for parents, carers, teachers and community groups to work together in support of the education.

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The Early Years - Reception and Year 1

The Middle School - Year 2 to 9 (age 6 to 14)

The Upper School - Year 10 to 11 (age 14 to 16)