Financial Information

Our PE and Sport Premium Allocation (PE & SPA) - Sep 2017 to Aug 2018

The total PE & SPA received for the 2017/18 academic year was £17,840, of which £12,100 has been spent and £5740 carried forward to the 2018/19 academic year.

  • £4,600 was spent on a playground climbing frames project. The upper school students carried out a Science and Technology day project in which they designed three different climbing frames around the school site for use by our primary age pupils. The students then built the structures during a work experience week. These play structures have proved immensely popular and are promoting active play during break times on a daily basis. Furthermore, they have provided invaluable therapeutic movement opportunities for children with additional needs.
  • £3,800 was spent on gymnastics equipment in order to expand our provision beyond the basic curriculum requirements. We are already seeing significant improvements in our students' engagement and abilities in gymnastics lesson.
  • £2,500 was spent on supporting the continuing professional development of our movement team. This has enabled us to bring Bothmer movement and inclusive games to our pupils. We are also providing ongoing movement training and support to colleagues, which ensures greater uptake of healthy, active movement across the school.
  • £1200 was spent on purchasing games equipment and the development of our site to enhance our sporting provision; for example, the removal of an oak tree in order to expand the size of the front field. This has enabled us to provide a far greater range of games and movement activities for our primary students.

Our PE and Sport Premium Allocation (PE & SPA) - Sep 2016 to Aug 2017

This year our PE & SPA is £8500 we intend to spend

  • £2,500 on swimming for Classes 4 & 5.
  • £1,500 on Bothmer training for 3 teachers.
  • £1,000 developing the Class 1/2 play area to enable sporting activities to take place.
  • £3,500 to be spent on developing play equipment in Class 1 & 2 play area and in Early Years.

Our PE and Sport Premium Allocation (PE &SPA) - Sep 2015 to Aug 2016

This year our PE & SPA was £8,485

The cost of making good the landing zone beneath the climbing frame by installing rubber matting will be £900.

We have also invested in a range of gym equipment, including vaulting horses, exercise benches, mats and foam blocks at a cost of £1,790.

We will continue to take classes to weekly swimming sessions during the spring term, with the cost of transport and pool hire being £3,900.

Staff training, including gymnastics and Bothmer gym will cost £1,895.

Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

The Department for Education (DfE) provided additional funding for all students in Year 7 from 2012 onwards, who achieved below their age related expectations at the end of KS2. This additional funding is to be used by schools/academies to provide literacy and numeracy catch-up support for Year 7 students. It is designed to help students catch up as quickly as possible. In the case of our cohorts it is to be used to boost rates of progress as opposed to expectations for increasing attainment to age related in light of specific learning needs.

Catch-up premium allocation for Steiner Academy Exeter 2016/17

Total number of students eligible for catch-up premium funding 2016/17 Amount of catch-up funding received per student Total amount received in 2016/17
3 £500 £1500

Our aims:

At Steiner Academy Exeter the catch-up fund is being used to work towards achieving the following aims:

  • To continue to increase reading skills and develop a love of reading
  • To focus on writing- particularly sentence structure, punctuation and handwriting
  • To continue to increase numeracy skills by developing core number skills and mathematical understanding
  • To provide emotional support to remove barriers to learning

How we will do this:

A teaching assistant is working in the class and targeting this group of children. The TA works either 1:1 or with small groups to support the development of literacy or numeracy as detailed above. The TA is also there as a go to person to provide emotional stability and consistency across all lessons.

Catch-up premium allocation for Steiner Academy Exeter 2015/16

Total number of students eligible for catch-up premium funding 2015/16 Amount of catch-up funding received per student Total amount received in 2015/16
3 £500 £1500

Impact of funding:

The 2015/16 cohort benefited from a specialist TA working within the class and this ensured that the students were well supported in their lessons. Through intervention, 1:1 and group support they have improved their literacy and numeracy skills and are starting to become more focused independent learners. They have grown in confidence and are all engaging with their learning.

Future development:

  • Employ additional specialist teaching and support staff to provide 1:1 and small group provision both in and outside of the classroom.
  • Purchase books, assessment materials and other learning resources to enable and support work in this area.
  • Continue to train support staff in specialist areas, i.e. literacy, numeracy and specific learning difficulties to further remove barriers to learning


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