School Improvement

SAE School Improvement Plan (SIP) 2014-2019

Where are we going?

Our current School Improvement Plan (SIP) is the way in which we evaluate how well we are achieving our vision and the goals we have for our development. As of Michaelmas Term 2018, we are starting to migrate to a rolling SIP and will be bringing in to the formation of a rolling SIP that will be renewed in the Spring Term of 2019 feedback from all stakeholders involved in the school from students and parents, staff, teachers and governors, as well as the DfE, Ofsted, the various external consultants we use as well as colleagues from partner schools.

Detailed below are the 17 directions we have set, which we both evaluate and evidence as part of our ongoing running of the school. We look forward to a range of ways in which we can hear your perspectives, and ensure that your voice contributes to the next phase of the school's development.

Aegir and Paul, September 2018

Developing artistry in our teaching by:

  • improving marking and feedback,
  • improving standards and consistency in the presentation of work,
  • embedding higher expectations in the older students, especially in English and Maths,
  • strengthening CPD across the school.

Developing our knowledge and understanding of the students by:

  • ensuring the assessment framework gives clear information on student progress,
  • strengthening therapeutic input, resources and options available to students,
  • identifying and addressing those issues that prevent good attendance,
  • ensuring that progress of the most vulnerable students is effectively monitored.

Developing what we offer to ensure its relevance by:

  • strengthening the ways in which transitions are managed,
  • integrating further the requirements for GCSE with the opportunities within the Steiner curriculum,
  • developing content and methods that provide early intervention and remediation for potential mental health and emotional vulnerabilities.

Developing our relationships with colleagues, parents & other educationalists & ensuring sustainability by:

  • collaborating with other Steiner academies as School Improvement Partners and co-creators of a MAT,
  • engaging parents more effectively around the need for good attendance,
  • improving ways in which parents can raise concerns, seek support, remain informed and be positively engaged with the school,
  • ensuring clarity, consistency, fairness and sustainability in the way that additional funds (SEN, PPF, Top-up) are used,i
  • planning annually for and ensuring a balanced budget by operating strong internal controls to ensure "no surprises,"
  • working within and updating regularly a medium to longer term financial plan.