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The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association -
Building community and raising money to help students.

We are open to all school staff and their families and friends and the families and friends of students, we welcome your involvement!

Moving Forward Campaign

Are you passionate about retaining provision of a Steiner education for the children of Exeter?

Would you like a voice in the current re-brokering process that will decide the future of the school?

The PTFA is and we would like a voice!

Whilst the parent community have no legal part to play in the unfolding re-brokering process, we do have a voice and the PTFA are committed to ensuring that voice is heard by the people that will make the decisions. We know that showing decision makers that there is a committed, active parent community that is passionate about retaining this school as an all-through Steiner school can positively influence the decision makers.

To coordinate getting the voice out there, PTFA have launched a campaign - the Moving Forward Campaign! The campaign is built on 3 foundations:

  • We are not challenging the Ofsted report. That is a process between Ofsted and the School and is the schools' responsibility to meet the required standards.
  • We support Vision for the future of the school
  • We are passionate about Steiner Education being available to the children of Exeter for generations to come.

The campaign has a dedicated website ( where all the information about the campaign will be available, but the core components are:

  • A media campaign to inform decision makers and influencers (nationally and locally) why we value Steiner pedagogy and to show them we are an active parent community.
  • Letter writing campaign to provide opportunity and support for parents to write to the decision makers to tell their story of why they want a Steiner education for their children.
  • Lobbying key influencers through meetings and targeted content such that they know our passion of this school.
  • Generating content that shows the school in action and can be accessed widely.


PTFA Moving Forward campaign is coordinated by a small committee of parents from across the school community. It is not an exclusive or closed group, although everyone involved brings specific experience or resource and has committed the time that will be needed in the coming months. We encourage people to come forward who feel they can add value and we want all parents to feel that can contribute to the campaign. We value transparency and want everyone to know what we are doing, so the committee will:

  • Host regular Parent Forums and continue to be available every Wednesday morning at 9am in the regular PTFA slot in the Paneled Room in Thomas Hall.
  • Provide regular updates of activities you can get involved in through the school newsletter and on various School and Class Facebook groups.
  • Upload all relevant documentation on the campaign website ( There is also an email address that aims to respond to specific questions from individuals.
  • Make all content available for you to watch/listen/read and SHARE!

Whilst we recognize the failings of the past and the need for them to be rectified, we have not heard any voices in the parent community asking for the school to be closed. The PTFA is passionate about retaining the opportunity for a free Steiner education to the children of Exeter.

You can have a voice in the future of the school by getting involved in this campaign. Please feel free to grab us at the school gate or email us if you have ideas, contacts, skills that could help - we are all in this together and we can make a difference!

PTFA Coffee Mornings

The PTFA are in the Panel Room in Thomas Hall the second school Wednesday of every month at 9.30am

Come along to meet committee members and share information. This is an informal gathering lasting an hour and half, everyone is welcome including children. We often share the space with Craft Group. We have hot water, tea bags and coffee, feel free to bring snacks to share and best to bring your own milk.

PTFA Committee

The PTFA committee has 3 elected members: Chloe Wilson is Chair, Matt Banks is Treasurer and Megan Smales is Secretary. We also have the following co-opted members: Callie Holliday, Stuart Smales (Site Liaison), Franicis Dathan (Staff Liaison) and Arabella Greatorex (Travel Officer). Committee meetings happen as necessary, AGM due next summer when the Chair will be up for election. We are seeking new members: we particularly need tech know how and finance support, get in touch if you are a good team player and would like to be more involved.

PTFA Funds

The PTFA pays a regular contribution toward school trips and this year we also put money towards: play equipment, the Expedition Club, the pottery, the library and the music department.

We have a small grants fund available for items or projects within the school.

We are saving up to build a community space onsite and are currently working on a business plan. The intention is for the space to act as an information hub and meeting place and to incorporate a café, shop and classroom.

Contact us


Past events

Advent Fayre 2017

We had a bright and cold day for the fayre; turn-out was good and lots of people volunteered. Our first time contributions were an art exhibition by Class 10 students and a Winter Fairy Forest waiting room complete with activities, drinks, snacks, face painting and Class 7 Elves escorting children to the Forest.

We welcomed back the wonderful Winter Fairy Forest and Stuart's Organic Meat BBQ and Class 4 did an amazing job with the pizza oven. Preloved was staffed by Spindlewood KG, Candle Dipping by Class 1M, Wreath making by Elmwood KG, the Tea Room by Class 5 and Cherry Tree KG, Craft Room by Class 3, Tombola by Class 6W, Expedition Club ran a stall, as did Class 4 selling crafts parents had made. Various lovelies (including my Class 7 daughters) helped in the café. Good job everyone.

Big thanks to everyone who baked cakes and biscuits for the Tea Room and made savoury dishes for the vegetarian café, this raises lots of money as it is cost free to the school.

All the food cooked in the café kitchen this event was vegan and the majority of ingredients were local and in season. All the fresh supplies bought for the various food outlets at the fayre were organic and from local suppliers, the rest was also organic and came mostly came from Essentials Trading. So not only did we raise nearly £4000 for the school, we also supported a number of local businesses including Emma's Bread, Shillingford's Organics and West Town Farm.

Thanks VERY MUCH to Alice, Callie, Jane, Silverbirch KG and the Craft Group for building the Fairy magic, Claire and Paul for the stage management and music, Governor Morag for the parking management, Arabella for the stalls management, Kayte R, Cate, Caroline, Bernedine, Gina, Jane, Nora and Steve the Chef for being stalwarts, Mark and Matt for counting the coins, Richard for being the pizza man and Class 9's Buzz, Lewis and Alex for set up and early gate help.

We are particularly grateful to those staff who give up their time to make the fayre a success - all those who leave their classrooms clean for us! - plus Katie Young for producing the programme and publicity materials, Art lead Laila Darwish and the Class 7 students for the sign writing, Alice Knight for all her help in advance and on the day, Laila Darwish, Theresa Trapp, Frances Dathan, Jenny Salmon and Alan Swindell for giving up their Saturday to help, and Stuart Smales for making it all possible.

Thanks also to all the students who performed, we hope to see you again next time.

Julia who did at least half of the coordination of this fayre has now resigned from the PTFA committee. Julia was deputy treasurer and brought us both attention to detail and dry wit, she will be sorely missed.

Chloe Wilson PTFA Chair

Ceildh Autumn 2017

Were you there? Want to write a report? Then send us a email:

Summer Fayre 2017

This event made bumper profits and featured the new pizza oven.

Seize the Day gig Feb 2017

We danced and we sang! Thanks due to Seize the Day members, Cameron for his PA, Buzz for the lights, and all those who helped in the kitchen.

Clothes Swap - 7th Jan 2017 (11am-1pm)

What is a clothes swap?

It’s the eco-friendly way to get a new wardrobe for next to nothing:

Swishing is the easy way to update your wardrobe! It’s guilt free shopping with no cost to your wallet and great for the environment.

Swishing works like a giant clothes swap: you bring items you no longer wear and exchange them for something new-to-you!

Advent Fayre - 3rd Dec 2016

Thank you everyone, great event. Market, vegetarian café, tearoom, pottery, wreath making, candle dipping, reindeer rides, therapy room, fairy forest garden, raffle, parent and child room AND music from guests and students. We raised roughly £3,500 and it was fun.

School Ceilidh Dance - 8th Oct 2016 (5-9pm)

Thanks to all who made the Celeidh happen, it was a lovely evening.
Yarrow, kindergarten parent.
We all had a fantastic time last night!, thank you all so very much for creating such a fun filled, safe, inspirational space for the children and also nutritious food!! Love being able to dance with my children, it's so sadly overlooked in mainstream society today!!
Catherine, kindergarten parent
Thank you for an amazing evening! Such fun sharing time with so many members of our wonderful community. And we won the veg box!
Arabella, parent in kindergarten and class 8

The summer fayre

The summer fayre went really well, we had a lovely day. Something like 700 adults came through the gate and we raised £4000 thanks to having multiple enterprises run by staff and parents all giving 100% of their takings to the PTFA. If you missed it the highlights were: Pony rides, puppet shows, pottery have-a-go, comedy and storytelling, live music, garland making, therapy tent, strawberry splat game, coconut shy, wholefood café, organic meat BBQ, strawberries and cream, ice-cream, tearoom, pre-loved clothing boutique, plants and books for sale and 12 quality artisan stalls (who took their takings but paid a pitch fee). Next year's summer fayre will be on Saturday 1st July.