Vision, Commitments, Pedagogy and Values


To provide an excellent state-funded Steiner Waldorf education in the heart of Exeter.


To children
- to provide you with an education that supports your individual development and needs, helping you discover both yourself and your relationship to the world as you gather skills and understanding and take your next steps.

To parents
- to work in partnership in supporting your children's wellbeing and learning, proactively keeping you up to date with their progress, and working with you in supporting a community of learning.

To staff and teachers
- to support each other in a vibrant learning community, undertaking work that is professional, skilled, reflective and authentic, and receiving support, mentoring and monitoring in being held to account.

To fellow teachers and educationalists
- to engage positively and collaboratively as active researchers in our collective discourse on best practice in education, within the Steiner Waldorf community and beyond.

To fellow schools within Exeter
- to participate positively within a collective mission supporting the standards and equality of education for all children within Exeter.

To Ofsted and the Department for Education
- to embrace positively the critical eye of inspection, and share in and support the collective commitment to excellence and equality in education.


To offer a child-centred education, based on an insight into learning as both a quest of personal discovery and an engagement with the world through:

  • an integrated and holistic curriculum, paying attention to the balanced development of the academic, active and creative,
  • a phasic, thematic curriculum, offering experiences that match and support the internal development of both psychology and physiology, cognition and consciousness,
  • a delayed formal instruction in literacy and numeracy with focused kinetic support until the age of 7, followed by accelerated progression,
  • purposefully unplugged in the Primary years so as to optimise the individual generation of imagery, and purposefully equipped in the Secondary years with meaningful learning in technology,
  • the immediacy of industry (arts and crafts through all phases) and an aesthetic engagement with environment and place,
  • project based depth learning (including main lesson blocks) that encourage metacognition and learning to learn,
  • an art of education that uses assessment for learning to match the needs of each child and each class in each moment.


To offer this education of discovery with the universal human values of integrity, honesty, courage, dignity, trust and love.